Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards Build Advanced Revenue and Promote Repeat Business

Gift cards can be easily charged or recharged from the point of sale terminal or from the back office. A recharge screen is added to the menu screen to charge or recharge each card. Multiple cards can be charged on the same transaction. Cards carry no redemption value until they are charged in an order. This eliminates “inventory” of valued gift certificates and it reduces the temptation for theft. The system creates an audit trail of each card recharge in the Cash Control Module.

When a card is used for purchases at the theatre, dollar value on the card is automatically decreased when sale is finished. Once the dollar value reaches zero, the card can be recharged on a separate transaction. Customer information can be attached to the card number from the server.

Each card can be configured for Customer Points, Gift Card, or both. The system can be configured to share card data between theatres within a circuit allowing customers to use the same card in multiple locations.

Customer Points

Create Customer Loyalty and Increase Concession Per-Caps

The Customer Points Program within your Venue system rewards customers based on purchases of any or all items sold on the terminals. Point values can be established for each item sold or a point can be awarded for each dollar of sales in an order. When the customer card is presented and swiped during the transaction, the points attached to the items in the order are automatically credited to the card. Once the card accumulates enough points to pass a threshold (set by the theatre), the venue system will generate a reward coupon (set by the theatre). To reward customers for ticket sales, point values are set for each ticket type (for example, 1 Ticket purchased = 1 Point). Points can also be awarded for concessions purchases (for example, 1 Large Combo purchased = 2 Points).

Once point values are assigned to the items, you determine the number of reward levels and points required for each level (for example, 50 Points = 1 free ticket). In this case, the customer gives their card to the cashier to be swiped at the terminal during the transaction, each time they order product. A coupon for a free ticket would be printed to the ticket printer or to the receipt printer once the customer earns 50 points on their card.