Touch Screen Concessions

Faster service leads to greater revenue. Efficient and intuitive touch screen menus help move your patrons quickly through the concession lines. Screens can be customized for traditional concession fare, restaurant table service, cafe or bar service. Please click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

  • Fast and reliable touch screen ordering
  • Custom menus with efficient screen design
  • Graphical buttons for easy item identification
  • Multiple screens for large categories or special items
  • Combo sales with automatic inventory adjustment
  • Dynamic time-triggered menus and prices
  • Multiple security levels for cashiers and managers
  • Configurable for multi currency, multi lingual
  • Multiple tax tables and rounding rules
  • Tender sales with cash, credit, gift certificates, or gift cards
  • Available kitchen prep printing
  • Ability to sells tickets from a concession terminal
  • Stand-alone mode for uninterrupted off-line sales
  • Sends real-time sales information to the manager’s office