Internet Ticketing

Internet ticket sales are made through a link from your web site to Customers view the movie schedule, updated by the Venue Software at the theatre, and purchase tickets on the linked page. The link is seamless and gives the patron the impression that they are still on your site. Internet purchases are recorded in real time on the Venue Software at the theatre. Auditorium seat counts are updated automatically.

A service fee is added to the cost of each ticket. This fee is used to pay all credit card processing charges and to support the internet ticketing engine Retriever Software issues a check to the theatre on a monthly basis for the full price of each ticket sold excluding the service fee. If you elect to establish an e-commerce account for credit card processing, the income from internet sales (including the service fee) will deposit to the theatre’s bank once the funds are cleared, Retriever Software will invoice the theatre a per ticket service fee and you are responsible for credit card fees incurred on the e-commerce account.

Tickets purchased through the web site are claimed by the customer at the theatre box office, will-call station or self service kiosk. Vouchers can be validated by the confirmation number issued at the time of sale, the credit card used to purchase the tickets, or a bar code on the printed voucher. When the order is validated, the system checks all unclaimed tickets and prints them locally.

  • Internet ticketing increases advanced sales and allows operators to anticipate and manage traffic during blockbusters. Internet sales also reduce the amount of cash handled at the theatre.
  • Unlike other internet ticketing companies that list your theatres along with your competitors, Retriever drives sales directly from your own site enabling you to control the marketing of internet sales and the marketing of internet sales and your theatre.
  • Build a captive audience. Get customers in the habit of visiting your site. Post schedules and special events, offer promotions, and present target advertising.
  • Internet sales produce the same revenue per ticket as a cash sale at the theatre.
  • We provide a variety of ways to produce and validate the ticket to meet your specific needs.
  • does not require you to accept credit cards at the theatre. The card swipe at the theatre is for validation of the previously authorized sale.
  • allows users to download film titles and movie information directly into the Venue Software, and upload show times to your web site, saving valuable scheduling time.