Web Management

Retriever Software’s Web Site Services have been designed to integrate directly to the Point-of-Sale system to completely automate updates to your web site. Simply enter the film schedule on the Point-of-Sale software and the Retriever Web Services automatically does the work for you.

Retriever Software connects everything from film and labor schedules to newsletters right on your web site. With your theatre web site completely aligned with the current film schedule, you can be assured that your entire operation is focused on doing business and generating profits.

Web Site Design & Web Management

  • Web Site Creation, Initial Design, Redesign And Web Hosting
  • Automatic Posting Of Show Schedule Directly From The Point-Of-Sale
  • Automatic Display Of Links From Show Times To Internet Ticketing Site
  • Automatic Display Of Show-Specific Ticket Types And Pricing Information
  • Now Showing And Coming Soon Sections
  • Film Poster Icons And Synopsis Information
  • Links To Official Movie Web Sites

Automatic Web Site Updates

  • Updates Posting Of The Show Schedule
  • Updates Posting Of The Labor Schedule
  • Customer Card Value Look-Up
  • Weekly Newsletters with Schedule Information, Promotions, and Moreā€¦

Flexibility To Maximize Customer Service

  • Schedule Can Be Viewed In Printer Friendly Version
  • Pages Can Be Viewed In Phone Application Friendly Version